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About Us

BBPR, LLC., is a boutique marketing collective founded to help lifestyle and action sport brands compete in a fragmented media climate. Our targeted approach to consumer and media communications focuses on getting our clients’ stories in front of the right people, not necessarily the most people.


Companies that partner with BBPR have the dual benefit of receiving the strategic service and execution that they would expect from a larger PR agency, along with the understanding of their brands core values derived from firsthand experience and immersive involvement.


Clients become partners with BBPR because they know we care about their brands, not just their budget. As a boutique collective, we bring in top talent, rescued from big name agencies who prefer to work on projects they can be passionate about, instead of projects they’re selected for based on the amount of billable hours they can squeeze in this month. For some clients, having a passionate team that bleeds their brand isn’t that big a deal. For our partners, it’s the only way they’d have it.


About the BB


The BB in BBPR is Bill Byrne. Bill has 10+ years of strategic public relations experience, the majority of which stemming from his positions within the Manhattan offices of two top 20 US firms. Prior to the start of BBPR in 2006, he managed PR programs for an eclectic group of brands, ranging from the leader in portable power sources and the first name in vacuums to electronic payment methods and the world’s largest snowboard brand.


As the lead strategist at BBPR, Bill’s primary responsibility is working with partners to develop programs that return a quality ROI on every program, in addition to other buzz-words and acronyms that are in fashion right now.


When not at his desk, Bill enjoys various board-riding activities, ping-pong and anything else that will keep him from staring at a computer monitor or connected to his cell phone. He presently makes his home in South La Jolla, California.