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Marketing and public relations mean different things to different people. To help alleviate any confusion in regards to what we do, here are some of our core competencies:


Program Development – Start-to-finish programming. This includes recommendations on your media buy, guerilla tactics, influencer seeding and public relations. We may execute every element for you, but we’re able to develop the right program and manage partner vendors if need be.


Media Outreach – The bread and butter of PR. Our butter tastes better and has less calories than our competitors' butter substitute. It’s magic marketing butter.


Media Training – Making sure your brand representatives (employees, team riders, delivery workers, etc.) can effectively communicate your message when interacting with media (and help keep them from saying things they’ll regret later).


Event/Trade Show Management – Start to finish, we can manage the media, GES and your budget.


National & Regional Media Tours – One-on-ones with the top editors and sit-downs with underground media channels.


Broadcast Video Production – VNR’s, SMT’s and b-roll shoots for satellite distribution or video blogging. Yes, for YouTube also.


Tastemaker Seeding – Coming soon from Whisper Marketing. We can’t tell you any more than that.


Press Kit Development – Packaging your story in a way that’s true to your brand, but also relevant to media. Basic, but important, information put together in a compelling way.


Celebrity Seeding / Gift Bags – Putting your products in the hands of people who already can afford them. It’s ironic, we know.


Collaborations and Partnerships – Building support with new audiences by working with brands already established in the space you want to be in. From the American Red Cross to underground streetwear companies, we’ve negotiated and executed with the biggest and the under the radar brands.


This is just a sampling of what we can do and have done for clients. In addition, we have like-minded partners that represent some of the best talent in advertising, packaging, creative and industrial design, Web strategies and video production. We’ll be happy to put you in touch with them or fold them into an ongoing project where we act as the sole contact and billing point for relevant projects. Just let us know if you’d like to build a viral component to your Web site or a custom designed carry bag for a new product.