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What is Targeted Lifestyle Communications?

What is Targeted Lifestyle Communications?

What started off as a project for a rapidly growing new snowboard brand changed the way we looked at the world of marketing in general.


Too often a PR program’s success is measured by the number of media impressions it generates. A New York Times story or feature on “Oprah” may generate a lot of interest in your brand, but is it necessarily the right consumer who is becoming interested? Likewise a feature that runs in the endemic trades for your industry is important, but do you know how to grow beyond people who already are your champions?


For brands that target specific lifestyle segments, a scalable, targeted and controlled media program is often the best use of resources.


By focusing on where your real audience is, or where you want to grow it, you’ll receive a greater return on investment versus the media-shotgun approach many agencies take to generating coverage.


Whether a brand wants to target girl-gamers, skateboarders or new moms, a targeted approach will yield a quality ROI.