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Targeted Lifestyle Communications

Targeted Lifestyle Communications

Fragmented media and cultural environments make the cliché “quality versus quantity” more relevant than ever in the marketing world. Smart brands realize it’s not how often you’re seen, but where and how that are important.


BBPR is an alternative for emerging and established lifestyle brands that are looking for innovative and results orientated programs.


Forget what you’ve seen before, BBPR is different.


We’re changing the model for how PR should be done. Hourly billing based on work completed versus inflated retainers for vaguely defined services. Teams built on passion rather than agency profit centers. We know many people are turned off to PR programs because their agencies just didn’t get it. We’re going to fix that.


Our client experience is truly diverse, ranging from the biggest action sports powerhouses to emerging technology brands and new entries into the home furnishings category. While all our clients are different, they each have fresh ideas and an insatiable hunger… making them the perfect partners for BBPR.