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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a San Diego based agency deliver the same results as one in New York or Los Angeles?


It all depends on what our partners need. If your main concern is having a posh-office to drop into during a shopping trip to Manhattan, we’re probably not the right partner for you.


The notion that a brand, whether global or local, needs to contract a major agency based in New York or LA is outdated. While big agencies do offer services that extend beyond our capabilities, often you’re paying for more than what you really need for your marketing goals.


Decentralization has touched almost every industry, the media and marketing worlds are no exception. Email, mobile phones and even Fed-Ex have made geography less important for executing marketing programs. In fact, many freelance reporters utilized by major media organizations aren’t even based in Manhattan or Los Angeles.


For times when being in Manhattan is crucial to a projects success (such as executing a face-to-face media tour), our competitive rate and modern aviation technologies more than offset the higher rates charged by Manhattan based-agencies to cover their overhead costs.


I have an advertising plan… without knowing the ROI of an additional marketing program, how can I justify a PR program?


Advertising is effective, but do you really know the ROI besides the fact that X amount of people will receive a magazine or tune into a program and may possibly see your ad? Most likely with ten percent of your ad buy, we’ll be able to put together a stellar program for you…. unless your ad buy is $100. We’re not that cheap.


Do you know the <<insert beat>> reporter @ <<insert choice of magazine>>?


Knowing the media in advance is helpful, but we call bullshit on agencies that say they know everyone, everywhere. If you have a solid product and relevant story, you can secure coverage… the trick is telling that story in a way media want to hear it.


But since you asked, we have strong contacts at media ranging from Maxim to Home and High Snobiety to The New York Times.


Who is BBPR Right For?


We’ll be honest, BBPR isn’t for everybody. While we’re passionate about what we do and who we work with, no one marketing partner works for every brand.


Some of the people who have found our services useful and/or refreshing include:


• Brand managers who aren’t sure what they're actually getting from their monthly retainers with their present agency

• Brands who know who they are today and who they want to be tomorrow

• Clients who prefer to hear honest feedback – from us as well as the media – instead of simply being yes’ed to death

• Companies that realize a Madison Avenue address is little more than a Madison Avenue address

• Brands that want it. Don’t ask us to define it… if you don’t know, we can’t tell you


Here are just two scenarios where targeted lifestyle communications could be effective:


Example 1:

Printer ink: If you just want to sell more ink to people who print photos, then by our definition, you’re not targeting a lifestyle segment. If you’re looking to sell more ink to single-fathers who are major photo printers, then we should talk.


Example 2:

Bicycles: Your brand is immensely popular with the core fat tire consumer. The guy who loves to go off-road, but can only ride 2x a month, has no idea who you are. How can you get to him without alienating your core?